The Man behind the Hexaformer Technology (symmetrical, energy efficient, wound and light transformer cores) is Mr. Lennart Höglund living in the city of Linköping, Sweden. The R&D effort started mid 1990 when Höglund introduced his ideas to Nordtrafo i Bjärtrå AB situated some 500 km north of Stockholm. After a few years it became clear that very large financial resources were needed to continue developing this new technology.

At the end of 2004 Hexaformer Produktion AB (HPAB) was established and soon thereafter, in the beginning of 2005 Hexaformer AB (HAB) was established. HAB became the mother company in the Hexaformer group. HPAB was located in Västervik, Sweden and the company focused on further development of the Hexaformer Technology, manufacturing and sales of Hexaformer Transformers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland and the Baltic states.

The HAB focus is on administrating the patent portfolio in 90 plus countries and is actively seeking new patent protection on the result coming from the R&D effort done by HPAB and our licensed partners. HAB is also responsible for the sales of Hexaformer Technology Licenses.
Licensed Partner can be found in the US, India and Sweden. Others are being negotiated.

2012-07-17 HAB entered into a License Agreement with Nordtrafo i Nyland AB (Nordtrafo) giving Nordtrafo non-exclusive access to the markets in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Baltic States.
2012-09-07, in a second agreement with Nordtrafo, HAB agreed to transfer all operations within HPAB to Nordtrafo.
With Nordtrafo already very familiar with the Hexaformer Technology the transfer process is going well and Nordtrafo is already capable of producing Hexaformer Transformers for sale.

We are very happy to once again being involved with the Hexaformer project says Lennart Sjöholm, President and CEO of Nordtrafo. We can see a great potential for our company once we have fully integrated the Hexaformer business into our operations. The Hexaformer Technology is now well tested and Customers are demanding Hexaformer Transformers. The future for Nordtrafo is bright and we are investigating the possibility to move all of Nordtrafo into new more efficient premises.
Old and New Customers are welcome to contact us.

The HPAB mission is completed says Thomas Türk, President and CEO of HAB. The mission was to get Hexaformer Technology approval from major customers like Vattenfall, Fortum and EON. More than 1.500 oil filled Hexaformer Distributions Transformers are today in operation in the Swedish grid. The results are excellent. Nordtrafo is ready and capable to handle any service needs from our customers and HPAB will continue to carry the financial obligations during the time of warranty.
We can now concentrate all our efforts towards distributing the Hexaformer Technology around the World through licensing!

Contact details:
Hexaformer AB                                                         Nordtrafo Produktion AB
Thomas Türk, VD                                                     Lennart Sjöholm, VD
Mobil: 070-743 43 70                                                Mobil: 070-699 02 70
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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