Preems manned petrol stations in Sweden are today heated by oil, electricity and district heating. In collaboration with the heat supplier Eco2 Energy Preem converts their stations to be heated by locally produced renewable energy.

Preem is Sweden's largest fuel company with over 400 petrol stations around the country, of which over 150 stations are staffed. The heating of the stations stands for a substantial amount of the total energy consumption which is currently done by oil, direct electricity or district heating. In collaboration with Eco2 Energy a new heating solutions for all stations by locally produced renewable energy is under way. The first two stations of the project are located in Bredäng and on Lidingö and are as of now heated with heat pumps powered by green electricity.

- Preem takes active responsibility for the environmental issues that arise locally and globally through the production, distribution and use of all our products. We are focusing on pushing environmental progress forward. By heating our manned stations with renewable energy, we take another step forward, says Thomas Ögren, Press Officer, Preem.

Eco2 Energy manages the entire process from design and construction to the daily operation of the heat pumps. Further, Eco2 Energy stands for the entire investment, which means that the cost for Preem of the transition to green heating consists of only the current consumption of heat.

- We work primarily with creating and delivering local, environmentally friendly and cost effective heating to large residential and commercial properties. We did however see a great opportunity in the collaboration with Preem. With the installation of heat pumps, all Preem´s 150 gas stations will have green heating, says Jonas Häggqvist, CEO of Eco2 Energy.

In a first step, the new thermal plants deliver heating at Preem in Bredäng and on Lidingö. After an evaluation period, it is envisaged then that all gas stations will get green heating from Eco2 Energy.

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